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Announcing the Global Voices Asia Pacific Citizen Media Summit: Join us in Taipei, Taiwan on June 2!

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We're excited to announce that our Asia teams will be hosting the Global Voices Asia Pacific Citizen Media Summit [1] in Taipei, Taiwan. The event, which includes internal meetings for the GV community and partner organisations, will culminate in a public conference on June 2, 2019. Register for the conference here [2].

The Global Voices Asia-Pacific Summit will bring together journalists, bloggers, digital activists and researchers to share experiences, gain knowledge, and forge new collaborations. The meeting will address new techno-political challenges and their implications for internet rights and activism, digital security and privacy, digital inclusion and development across two themes: “The rise and challenges of digital authoritarianism in the Asia Pacific”, and “Citizens’ response to digital authoritarianism”.

The Summit is supported by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Open Technology Foundation, and Open Society Foundations, and co-hosted by the Chang Fo-Chuan Center for the Study of Human Rights at Soochow University in Taiwan.

Like all GV events [3], the Global Voices Asia Pacific Citizen Media Summit will be an exceptional opportunity for learning and sharing with a diverse and dynamic global community. Do save the date!